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Protect Yourself and Family from Scams and Fraud

Our firm is located in Castle Rock, Colorado, currently rated as one of the most desirable places to live in the U.S. As our community has grown it has attracted an assortment of scammers, fraudsters and con-artists. Each year we publish an article on the latest tips you can use to protect your family and yourself from getting scammed. Here is our 2019 update on avoiding fraud and cons.

Here are some of the latest frauds to watch out for:

1) Fake families begging at local stores.
2) Fake notices on obtaining recorded documents about real estate.
3) The ever popular robo call now also on your cell phone.
4) Skimming machines at local gas stations.
5) In good weather the always annoying door to door sales person.
6) Internet scams now appearing on your facebook and twitter pages and in the groups you follow there.

There are many more and scammers get bolder and more sophisticated each day. Your job, with these tips is to outsmart the con-artists. Here are several tips to use:

1) Any time and in any place that you feel threatened or uncomfortable, call the police or sheriff’s office. Nothing makes rats run away faster than the cops arriving.

2) If you are unsure about an offer or sales person, check them out before signing anything or giving them money. Use these links to get more detailed tips:

3) Ask your lawyer or CPA for their opinion before you hand your hard earned money over to someone. Your lawyer and CPA owe you what is called “fiduciary care” so they are required to have your interest paramount.

4) As hard as this may be to do, NEVER EVER give money to someone who is begging at the store. If you fail to follow this rule you will probably see that fake family at the car dealer buying their next car with your money!

5) As fun as it is to follow advice on facebook, twitter and nextdoor, don’t buy ANYTHING just because you see it there. I recently purchased a tool for my bike on facebook and, to my total dismay it was a total piece of garbage and I should have known better!

The basis rule in our law is Caveat Emptor. This means that only you can prevent fraud and only you are the best means to protect yourself from scams and con-artists. Remember this: Be careful out there!

K&G Attorney Named 2019 Castle Rock Citizen of the Year

K&G happily announces that the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce has named K&G partner Bernie Greenberg as the 2019 Castle Rock Citizen of the Year. Bernie’s involvement in the local community is extensive as he has a long list of community service and is the 2019-2020 Chair of the Castle Rock Chamber Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charity which provides public education in business, economics and civics. Congratulations to Bernie Greenberg!

K&G Lawyers Are Active in Our Community

K&G partner Bernie Greenberg is now the immediate past chair of the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce and the current chair of the board of directors of the Castle Rock Chamber Foundation.

The foundation provides education to the public and schools on the economy, business and finance to equip the public to be better citizens and understand how our economy works. By providing these educational programs the Castle Rock Chamber Foundation reduces the financial burden to local governments who lack resources to provide such education.

Greenberg, who heads K&G’s Estate Department had this comment, “It is honor to serve the Castle  Rock Chamber Foundation as it’s chair and move our community forward with broader and deeper understanding of how the economy works.”

Bernie Greenberg Elected as Chairman of the Board by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce

K & G attorney Bernie Greenberg was elected to serve as the Chairman of Board for 2017-2018 by the Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce. Bernie also serves as a board member and member of the executive committee for the Castle Rock Chamber.

Mr. Greenberg also completed a two year stint as the lawyer coach of the Douglas County High School Mock Trial Team and service to Leadership Douglas County.

K & G continues it’s long standing commitment to community service through it’s attorneys. K & G believes that we help families succeed by assisting move our community forward.

Bernie Greenberg Named Attorney of the Year

K & G is pleased to announce that the K & G partner Bernie Greenberg has been named Attorney of the Year by Corporate Vision Magazine.

Bernie had this to say about this award, “I am humbled and honored that Corporate Vision selected me for this honor. To receive recognition for what we do as attorneys is extremely gratifying”.

Greenberg heads the firm’s Estate Planning Department and we congratulate Bernie on this latest recognition.

Blended Families and Estate Planning

Estate planning for blended families requires careful analysis and care. Making sure assets follow the intended path also requires care. Foolishly using joint tenancy and beneficiary designations can defeat an entire estate plan.

Estate Planning for Blended FamiliesBrady bunch families are common these days and dealing with the complexities and issues requires an estate planning specialist. As this article shows, there are many issues to address:

K & G attorney Bernie Greenberg discusses estate planning for blended families in this video:

Make sure your blended family is protected with proper expertise and work with an attorney specializing in estate planning for blended families.

Is the End of the Year the End of Estate Planning as We Know it? Is it the End of Your Estate Plan?

Is the end of the year the end of estate planning? Is this the end of your estate plan? Maybe!

The end of 2012 will bring huge changes to the world of estate planning. Unless the Congress and President act, three central foundations of estate planning will drastically change, and the change for you is all bad. How does this affect your estate plan? Maybe not at all and maybe it is the end for your plan. Read on to learn more.

The End of Estate Planning As We Know It? Probably Not.

First, let’s review what happens at the end of the year. The three major tax exemptions used in estate planning, estate tax, gift tax and generation skipping transfer tax all revert from $5 million to only $1 million starting January 1, 2013. Much of what we do in estate planning is built on these three exemptions.

However, I don’t think it is the end of estate planning as we know it. Since we don’t let the tax tail wag the family dog, what this will mean is that millions more will be doing more complex estate plans since the exemptions will be significantly lower. So for us estate planning lawyers that will be good! For the clients,not so much. We will still do estate plans for the same reasons as before: to protect our clients, their families and their property. But starting in 2013, millions who had no estate, gift or generation skipping tax concerns will now have them–in spades.

The End of Your Plan? Perhaps!

If you didn’t do estate tax planning previously because your estate was less than $5 million, you may have to do so now. If you had a plan that used your estate tax exemptions, it just won’t work as well for your family with the much lower exemptions starting in 2013.

What should you do? Have your plan reviewed immediately. Next, write your Congressional representatives and Senators and tell them how you feel about this. Maybe your voice will make a difference. We recommend to all of our clients to not depend on politicians to solve your families’ estate plan issues. Don’t do it now.

And maybe, just maybe, Congress and the President will come to their respective senses and fix this with some finality and permanency so you can have some certainty knowing that your estate plan will operate the way that it is supposed to. But don’t count on it!

What are your thoughts? Please join our conversation on estate planning and these issues. I look forward to hearing from you.

Bernie Greenberg

Client Distinction Award for Bernie Greenberg

Congratulations to Bernard Greenberg for receiving the Client Distinction Award from Martindale-Hubbell. This award was given on behalf of positive client reviews stating that Bernard Greenberg has provided strong marks in communications, responsiveness, quality of service, and value for money.

As stated by Martindale-Hubbell, “Less than 4% of the 900,000+ attorneys listed on and have been accorded this Martindale-Hubbell honor of distinction.”


To learn more about Bernard Greenberg and his estate planning services, contact Kokish & Goldmanis, P.C. today.