“Becky and Hannah,
You truly were amazing lawyers! You never got upset, you stated the facts but showed you cared about me. I am grateful for all you did for me. I would recommend you to anyone!!! Thanks for everything!”


“I fully endorse and recommend Hannah and the staff at Kokish, Goldmanis & Greenberg, P.C., they handled my alimony reduction case in a very professional and efficient manner. This is the second time I have hired them for alimony reduction in the past 12 months. I couldnt be happier with their work and results. It only took Hannah 7 days to complete my case and have it singed off by the judge from the time I signed the engagement agreement document. With the speedy results Hannah saved me from having to make an extra alimony payment. I would not hesitate to hire Hannah and her firm again for my legal needs in the future.”


“I have used Kokish and Goldmanis for over 30 years… Once for a complex domestic matter and recently for all of my estate planning. I would recommend this firm to everyone!! The lawyers are first class and their integrity is above reproach.. I also love the fact that the firm in Castle Rock CO. Their fees are extremely reasonable. In all my dealings with them I got the best outcomes and results…”


“As I get closer to the year mark of the divorce, I reflect on just how difficult and painful the process was (and still is some days). I am forever grateful for Hannah’s support and legal assistance/expertise going through all of it. Hannah saw me through some of my darkest of days and never wavered from keeping me mindful and goal oriented to the most important thing in my life – my daughter. I know that our journey is just beginning but I rest assured knowing that I have Hannah there to keep me informed and centered while making very important decisions for my daughter and I.”

Jessica C.

“Andrew – you have made this horrible experience much easier and more comfortable each step of the way.  I appreciate your input and guidance.  It was so nice to know that I had someone in my corner looking out for my best interests.

Best wishes,

Andrew Birkeland has been handling my family court case.

He has been beyond phenomenal. He has handled a pain in the butt case with professionalism, patience and thoroughness throughout the last year.

I could not be more pleased.

Thank you


Just a quick email that doesn’t adequately express my gratitude to you and Greta and your staff for assisting us in bringing closure to the PI case. Thank you very much for your expertise, professionalism, and patience. Greta was fantastic and her attention to detail and communication were refreshing and assuring. It is clear she is a valuable asset to your team. -Christian Young

I recently had the pleasure to create an amendment to my Living Trust with Bernie Greenberg, something that required significant adjustments since I’m a recent transplant to Colorado. Being retired Law Enforcement my trust is not easily given to anyone and my expectations in service and attention to detail are very high indeed. Average does not cut it in my world. Kokish & Goldmanis, and specifically working with Bernie, provided a superior experience that exceeded all expectations.

Working with Bernie was a pleasure start to finish. I have to say that not only did Bernie meet my high expectations – he exceeded them in every possible way, which is really saying something! No stone was left unturned, no detail omitted and all questions patiently and clearly explained to my complete satisfaction. I know, beyond all doubt, that Bernie and Kokish & Goldmanis absolutely have my back and the peace of mind that brings me with regard to estate planning is priceless. This firm, and Bernie Greenberg come with my highest personal endorsement.

-Rodger R.

“I have worked with Bernie and his staff for over five years. Bernie is unabashedly straightforward giving clients options to settle estate matters or create wills and/or trusts. I have referred clients to his office and they too have been very satisfied with the staff at Kokish & Goldmanis. I will continue to refer clients to his office.
Many estate issues can become frustrating. Bernie calms his clients down and we move forward! I am honored to say that working with Bernie and his office has been extremely positive!”

-Charlene Lofland

“Kokish & Goldmanis are true professionals in all their areas of expertise. Kind, knowledgeable, and friendly seem like words that you would not use for Attorney’s, but that is exactly what Kokish & Goldmanis display and how they truly are as people. I have used and referred their services and always pleased with their professionalism. Thank You, Jack.”

-Jack F. Faust

“I refer my clients to Kokish & Goldmanis, PC and they treat them the way that I would want to be treated. This is a knowledgeable, experienced and competent law firm!”

-Walt Wilson

“Great advice and professional service. Highly recommended”

-Manny Santos

“Becky was nothing short of amazing during what was probably the most stressful and emotionally and mentally draining time of my life.  Becky is always professional, prepared, knowledgeable and she definitely knows what she’s was doing.  I felt confident that she was giving me the best legal advice, and she also helped explain things thoroughly for me so that I knew exactly what was going on at all times.  Aside from her expertise, she was also very kind and down-to-earth.  It was like I had my sister or best friend sitting there with me through it all.  It was very comforting to know that I had someone I could trust to lead me in the right direction, and to tell me the honest, hard truth about a given situation – even if the news wasn’t always what I wanted to hear.  I hope I don’t ever find myself needing legal counsel again in the future, but if I do I will definitely be calling Becky.  She had my back, and I felt much more confident in the end result of my case, due in large part to Becky’s guidance and support.”


“The legal services and customer service which we have received from Rebecca Golmanis and Kokish & Goldmanis PC has been exceptional!  Rebecca provided us with not only sound legal advice, but practical advice as well.  Rebecca’s ability and willingness to fight for us was truly inspiring, but her ability to explain to us what was practical was even better.  Sometimes what you might want to attempt is possible, but your chances of succeeding within the legal system may be highly unlikely.  Rebecca’s ability to explain our options and potential for success not only provided a sound outcome, but potentially saved us a tremendous financial burden.  Rebecca Goldmanis and Kokish & Goldmanis PC will be our lawyer and law firm for all of needs.”

-Jerome and Allison H.

“I have been a client of KG Attorneys for nearly eight years, primarily in regards to an ongoing custody dispute. Rebecca Goldmanis was dedicated and committed to helping me protect my daughter from what I knew was a imminently dangerous situation, but had little evidence. Early on she accepted my story as the truth, even before the truth had slowly revealed itself over the course of many years, with less than ideal outcomes. She held fast in our position offering excellent advice along the way. In doing so, after many years we were finally able to convince a system heavily weighted towards mother’s rights, that indeed the child was in danger in the continued care of her mother and to deny the mother unsupervised parenting time.

Our story has a very tragic ending, in that my ex-wife completed suicide by gun on father’s day 2012. My daughter was safely at home with me. Often an attorney is involved in not so pleasant things and our whole experience was certainly one of those times. Most would opt not to engage too personally in matters such as this, for the understandable reason of self-preservation. Rebecca took this case on in a very personal manner, her voice loud and clear in the courtroom and her massage as if I had said it myself. She made some very strong, passionate arguments on our behalf which forced the judges to take notice. Without Rebecca’s courage, strength and resolve to match my own, the outcome could have been even much more tragic than was fated.

My daughter is safe, in part because of KG Attorneys help. Thank you, Rebecca.”


“We met with Rebecca Goldmanis after ten years in an ugly child custody battle with my husband’s former spouse.  At every step we felt that she just got it.  She cared about our daughter, without meeting or knowing her.  She knew that the most important person in all of this was our daughter.  She was very good at engaging with opposing council and truly understood the “system” we are all to navigate through.  She put us on a path of healing by making the right suggestions, at the right time.  Our family is thankful for her work and attention to not just our case, but for taking the right steps which led to us finally having the opportunity to be a whole family again.  Thanks Becky.”

-The D Family

“I have so much respect and gratitude for the firm of Kokish & Goldmanis, PC.  Rebecca Goldmanis accepted my extremely contentious custody dispute and was able to reunite me with my daughter. Being a young, single mother with no idea how to fight a complex custody dispute, coupled with multiple issues, could have been a lifetime of nightmares.  Instead Becky clearly explained to me what needed and should be done and was not afraid to tell me what was not practical despite what I wanted.  Her focus was always on my daughter and what was right for her.  At one point within the custody dispute another K&G attorney, Dawn Rodgers, stepped up to represent me on a different matter and had no issue with standing firm and not backing down on what she thought was the right outcome.  K&G always made themselves available to me and helped ensure that I kept up my responsibilities during this process.  It was with Becky’s compassion and dedication; we were able to settle out of court on two different occasions saving both sides a tremendous amount of money.  At one point during this nightmare, my daughter’s father told me, “Damn, your attorney is good!”