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Greta L. Suneson Castle Rock attorney

Kokish & Goldmanis, P.C. Colorado real estate attorneys have been handling real estate law issues for many years and provide services to clients in Castle Rock, Parker, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch, as well as Elizabeth and Kiowa and the South Denver Metro Area.

We have advised individuals, landlords, tenants, corporations, brokers, real estate brokers, lenders, and other entities involved in the real estate market, and have a track record of success in real estate litigation.

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    Purchase and Sale of Real Estate

    Too often, the sellers of real estate contact our firm to represent them at the closing. While closing is an important part of the process, the rights of the buyer and seller are determined by the contract. Unfortunately, buyers and/or sellers often retain an attorney after the contract has been signed, and any of the options that the client has have already been decided. Therefore, it is very important, when you are either buying or selling, to contact an attorney before you enter into the contract. While a real estate agent may be assisting you in a competent manner, certain limitations placed on real estate brokers, necessitates the attention of an experienced real estate attorney in order to fully protect your rights.


    Kokish & Goldmanis has handled landlord/tenant issues, commercial and residential, for many years. The process of entering into a lease can be a daunting one, particularly when many landlords utilize elaborate, multi-page leases the requires the services of an experienced real estate attorney to offer and in some cases insist upon changes. Leases sometimes are broken, and in such cases, an eviction process may become necessary. Colorado law specifies a specific process for an eviction, and even a slight variance in that process can result in a failed eviction attempt. Kokish & Goldmanis have handled hundreds of evictions and are able to accomplish sometimes unpleasant tasks in an expeditious and painless manner.

    Real Estate Litigation: Real Estate Litigation arises in numerous ways, most often when there are boundary disputes, easement problems, construction defects or contract issues. Our firm has more than 40 years of experience in dealing with various aspects of real estate litigation and continues to remain current on the ever changing real estate statutes.

    Real Estate Attorneys With Experience in Many Areas

    The areas in which we have expertise are as follows:

    • Purchase and sale of real estate
    • Easements
    • Construction Contracts
    • Short Sales
    • Real Estate Development
    • Homeowners Associations
    • Easement disputes
    • Loan modifications
    • Evictions
    • Adverse possession
    • Boundary line disputes
    • Landlord/Tenant representation
    • Foreclosures
    • Quiet title actions

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